Resume Formatting


Save time and achieve intelligently auto-formatted Resumes in seconds. Reduce the time and effort required to manually format Resumes and free up your valuable HR resources for more strategic tasks. Eliminate the cost and delay of outsourcing your formatting requirements and increase your candidates’ chances of success.

Our ability to extract data is unrivalled in the current market. Powered by AI and machine learning, our system allows for extremely accurate extraction which improves organically through user feedback and deep learning. Our text engineering gives best in class extraction quality.

Custom Templates


Achieve a consistent brand identity using custom Resume templates created to your specification. Optimal for agencies with multiple brands.

Essentially, parsed data is extracted from a Resume. The information is then auto-formatted from any document type in seconds and crafted into a new, branded template matching your specifications. The UI gives you the ability to edit the final cut before exporting the document in either a word, XML or PDF format. Finally, a front page with the company’s logo and a cover sheet can be automatically added to the exported file

Resume Optimization


Highlight key skills and competencies, presenting all candidates fairly and equally. Auto-formatting Resumes and Resumés allow for the optimum presentation of each candidate’s profile winning you time to focus on securing their successful placement.

Our smart extraction technology facilitates accurately standardizing Resumes in modern formats, improving readability, eliminating sub-conscious bias and reducing the turnaround time for recruiters.

Improve the way you work today