Dangers of Bias in the Recruitment Process

The phone rings and it’s a new client with a position that needs filling. “Can you find me a newly qualified accountant? He’ll be about 25 and physically fit to perform stock takes.” I reply “You do know you’ve broken three employment laws already?” Ageism, sexism and disability, three strikeouts in two sentences, pretty impressive and this person was only getting started. Every time he spoke he broke another law. But besides the law breaking aspect of the above example this client is also missing out on the bigger message which is the benefits of inclusiveness in the workplace. But let us first consider what an inclusive workforce means in our modern digital workplace.  

Legal Obligations

It is a veritable minefield for the unwary recruiter or HR specialist. Similar laws exist in most parts of the world. The list of grounds deemed to be discriminatory are:
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Marital status
  • Family status
  Over time this list will only grow as society attempts to create an inclusive workplace for all. How as a Recruiter can you help your client comply ? Allsorter has the software that you need to dramatically reduce intentional and unintentional bias. Our software examines all CVs and will present them to you in a bias free format. In other words enabling you to focus only on those factors that are important for the role you are seeking to fill. Allsorter software redacts sensitive information facilitating the elimination of bias.  

Procedural Bias

Another bias that exists in the recruitment industry is  the risk of basing candidate selection on the quality and look of their CV. Just because the candidate provides a poorly formatted and rambling CV should not result in their elimination from your shortlist for an interview, but often does. Similarly, a well-presented CV that brushes over gaps in employment, an absence of skills or a lack of qualifications through clever presentation is liable to trick unwary recruiters into gaining a prized place on the shortlist. However, what is occurring is just human nature and a reward to those candidates who do take the time to construct well formatted CVs. Unfortunately, it is rewarding candidates for something that should not matter in the decision-making process of role filling. Allsorter ensures all candidates will be shown on identical standard industry templates so that your clients/Hiring Managers make decisions based on the relevant information, which is presented by you in a bias-free standard manner. Thus with bias eliminated the choice will be fair and even-handed with the best candidate for the position being easier and quicker to identify.  

Finding omitted skills

Allsorter will also deep mine the CVs to find buried soft skills and will reposition them in the CVs to present the candidate in their best possible light.  

What will you see after Allsorter’s intervention?

You will see a re-engineered CV with optimised layout for fair and efficient candidate screening.
  •   Save 15 minutes when tailoring each CV for clients
  •   Reduce turnaround time for Hiring Managers
Digitise your manual processes with our future proofed technology – start reaping the benefits of Allsorter technology today.

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