Quick-Fix Branding Tips for Candidate Resumes

A recruiter’s outgoing resumes are arguably the biggest branding tool for their company.

Strong and consistent resume templates are crucial to making a positive impression on your clients and strengthening your brand awareness. Competing in such a saturated market leaves no room for sub-par formatting or inconsistent branding.

Spending time on creating a fantastic resume template now, will yield great return in the long-run.

Is your resume template up to scratch?

Take a moment to check out our 4 quick-fix branding tips below.


Quick-fix Branding Tips



Featuring your company logo on candidate resumes will ensure clients are familiar with your brand. Be careful it doesn’t distract from the content – discreet placement in the header or footer is ideal. 



Make sure your logo is simple, clear and consistent. Ensure your team use your approved logo – consistent branding will have a greater impact on both clients and candidates.



Leave enough empty space between the various resume sections for maximum readability. Tightly packed text can cause clients to miss important skills. Clients will thank you for making their life easier!



Be highly detailed-orientated with your template – do you have specific line spacing requirements? Are you using consistent font size for your headings? Are all your bullet points aligned?